It is our mission to provide locally grown, chemical-free, seasonal blooms for our customers, and to partner with other local businesses to better the community. By growing locally, we provide thousands of plants to pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Did you know that 80% of the flowers in the U.S. are imported? That means flowers grown under unknown conditions which can include chemical pesticides and unethical labor practices. Locally grown flowers are picked at peak, unique in color and variety, grown with intensive hands-on methods rather than machines. And miles on your bouquets? Less than it takes to go to the grocery store. They go from my garden to you, no international flights or refrigerated trucks needed. All these things make locally grown flowers exceptional! We are so happy to join the locally grown movement here in the U.S. to provide fresh flowers!


A great way to have fresh, beautiful flowers on your table all season long is by purchasing a CSA Bouquet Subscription. In becoming part of the Community Supported Agriculture program we offer, you help us to invest in the coming season, and we give you a personal share of the flowers we grow at My Garden Blooms.

Each week we will create a gorgeous bouquet full of seasonal bounty using flowers, herbs, and foliage we grow or forage from our property. We harvest the freshest flowers from the field, all different colors and varieties, to give you a different design to brighten up your home or business every week.


This fresh and local choice will arrive straight from our garden, directly to our amazing business partner locations in High Point, Kernersville and Winston-Salem. Becoming a subscriber supports local agriculture, provides you with knowledge of our flowers and growing techniques, and helps to build our local community.  We also provide DIY buckets of seasonal blooms to designers and for special events where you want to create your own arrangements. Check out more of the ways we offer our fresh flowers in “Buy Blooms”.


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