The 2020 Season will bring a robust offering of edible fresh flowers to local chefs and adventurous cooks. An additional and unique offering will be “petal powders” made from dried rose, marigold or violet petals, and lavender buds ground into gloriously colorful and fragrant powders for garnishing and incorporating into recipes. As with all of the flowers and plants on property, they are grown using organic soil and fertilizers. No chemicals are ever used. We will harvest your fresh edible blooms the day before, or the day of, your target usage and keep in our floral cooler until pick-up or delivery. I look forward to engaging with our local chefs to bring locally grown flowers to their menu! If you would like to be notified as blooms are ready, please visit our contact page.

Blooms:  minimum of 50 blooms (can be mixed varieties)

Cost:  $.50 per bloom (plus NC sales tax)

Petal Powders:   More details coming soon

Cost:  Coming soon

Pick-Up:  By appointment

Delivery:  We can deliver anywhere in the Triad for $10 (we do not offer shipping)

Varieties we are planning to offer (photos to be posted as they bloom):

Anise Hyssop Blossom

Bachelor Buttons – Tall Red, Tall Blue

Bee Balm – Panorama Mix

Borage – Outsidepride

Dianthus – Neon Cherry, Sweet Purple White Bicolor

French Marigold – Queen Sophia


Mexican Marigold

Marigold – White African

Nasturtium – Cherry Rose, Empress of India, Jewel Mix, Ladybird Rose, Gleam Salmon

Pansy – Cool Wave Blueberry Swirl, Roco Frill Mix

Roses – Extremely fragrant varieties

Sage – Extrakta

Tulips – Multiple varieties

Verbena – Bonariensis

Viola – Helen Mount, Frizzle Sizzle Mini Mix

Dahlias – Countless varieties available in the fall