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Single Bouquet

Spring BouquetA single bouquet is $25 (plus tax) to be picked up at one of our local business partners in High Point, Winston-Salem, Clemmons and Kernersville on a Friday (see “options for pick-up” below).  We do not offer delivery at this time.

Payment:  We accept cash, checks (payable to My Garden Blooms), PayPal and Venmo (account @mygardenblooms).

CSA Bouquet Subscriptions

How can I purchase a bouquet subscription?

Because we are a small farm, there will be a limited number of subscriptions available each season.


Bouquet Subscription Pick UpSubscriptions require a pre-payment of $20 per bouquet, to be picked up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. There is a 4 bouquet minimum subscription purchase required. You simply choose your weeks or months and the location you prefer to pick up your bouquet. NC Sales tax will be added.

If you love giving flowers as well as receiving them, we have a new subscription option called Shares. You get two mini bouquets each week of your subscription. One to keep and one to give. There is a 4 share minimum subscription purchase required. The cost is $30 per share (2 mini bouquets) plus tax.

So many people have told us that a bouquet subscription makes a perfect gift, and we agree! You might choose a birthday/anniversary month and give a weekly bouquet for each week of the month. We provide a beautiful gift certificate in an envelope that reveals your amazing and unique thoughtfulness!

Payment:  We accept cash, checks (payable to My Garden Blooms), PayPal and Venmo (account @mygardenblooms).

When will my subscription begin?

We are restructuring our subscription offerings beginning next Spring. There will be an Early Season subscription that will run April through June. And a Late Season subscription that run September through early November. Early blooms include tulips, heirloom narcissus, lilacs, roses, peonies and other spring and early summer flowers such as cosmos, zinnias, lisianthus, and much more. Late season would include zinnias, sunflowers, heirloom mums, dahlias and many other fall flowers.

How do my bouquets come packaged?

Bouquets come paper wrapped with your name and ready to arrange in your favorite vase. A packet of flower nutrients is provided. You simply walk in and find your bouquet. It’s important that you pick up your flowers on the pick up day so we can respect the space each business owner offers for our many bouquets. Any bouquets not picked up by end of business on Saturday will be donated. And please consider supporting these local businesses while you’re there! 

How do I take care of my blooms?

To keep your flowers strong and vibrant:

  • Re-cut when you’re ready to arrange, and always cut at a 45 degree angle as this give more surface area for the stem to absorb water
  • Re-cut every two days, as the stem will be closing up (think of a wound scabbing over), and will prevent the plant from drinking
  • Rid your stems of any leaves that will be submerged in the water of your vase, and make sure to cut off any sad-looking ones
  • Change the water daily and add a bit of conditioner
  • Don’t place your flowers near fruit, as ripening fruit gives off ethylene gas which will cause your flowers to age faster

How will I know when my bouquet is ready for pick-up?

Drop off days are on Fridays. We can send a weekly text or email reminder upon request.

What if I cannot pick-up my bouquet or want a refund?

If you are away for vacation or other reason, you can gift that week to a friend or someone who might need a lift! Our pick-up locations are gracious to let us bring our flowers for you to pick up at no charge. All they ask is that the bouquets are picked up on the day of delivery. Any bouquet not picked by end of business day on Saturday will be donated. You may gift or sell the remainder of your subscription to another person, if you are not able to continue picking up your bouquets. Please contact me with the name of the person taking over your subscription. No refund will be given for a CSA subscription once purchased.

What are my options for pick-up?

Kernersville:   Cake and All Things Yummy, 103 E. Mountain St., 336-310-4504 FRIDAY 10 am – 6 pm.

Winston-Salem:   Lavender and Honey Kitchen, 401 West End Blvd FRIDAY 7 am – 5 pm.

High Point:   TBD

Clemmons:   BluRose Studio, 2517 Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons FRIDAY 9 am – 6 pm.

DIY & Floral Designer Buckets

Yarrow bucketWe offer buckets of our flowers to local floral designers, and also to anyone wanting to make their own arrangements for events!  Contact us for pricing and availability.

Flower Bar Events

Would you like to have a flower bar set up for a bridal or baby shower, birthday party or even a nice add-on to a dinner party? We can provide our locally grown blooms in galvanized buckets, including snips, vases and/or paper wrapping! Contact us for pricing and availability.flower bar

The flowers were so beautiful today and everyone kept saying how beautiful they were and what a great idea the make your own bouquet was. Several people at the shower are very into locally grown flowers and food and loved how your flowers are local and chemical free and were so excited to have them. Thank you so much for your hard work and beautiful flowers!       ~ Paige

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